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At Cobbles, we believe that re-imagining neighborhoods will boost the way people connect. Our platform is built with the belief that a community is full of great people, places, activities and stories that connect across generations.

Our Core Values

We celebrate stories that help you discover and interact with your neighborhood.

We believe people have become increasingly distant from the news they read, stories & experiences they share and comments they make. Our commitment is to facilitate stories that help you to discover, connect, share, learn or engage within your neighborhood and with each other. We will vigorously protect against any external bad actors attempting to degrade the integrity of your community feed. Only people IN your community will be able to contribute to the topics you share with your neighbors.

We will defend your right to privacy.

We are fiercely protective of your personal data and the experience we want you to have on the Cobbles platform. You, Your Data and Your community are not for sale. ​At any time - you have the ability to delete all of your data from the platform. Forever. We recognize this is not our data, it's yours. We DO NOT allow the use of log-ins from social networks.

We aim to amplify the good in every neighborhood and community.

We founded Cobbles with the belief that every community is full of great people, places, activities, and stories that connect across generations. We salute the mothers, fathers, grandparents, children, families, teachers, artists, coaches, mentors and entrepreneurs who represent your community. It’s your lives that are part of the woven fabric of your neighborhoods.

We aim to give back to each community and to keep our promise to do so.

Our goal is to be a company focused on local social innovation. We are a purpose-driven business focused on local communities that share our success with the people that live in them.

Guidelines we ask that you be mindful of:

You may be subject to deleted content, disabling of your account or reporting to law enforcement if you chose not to follow any of these guidelines:

Don't be a Parrot: Be thoughtful when posting Politics
We recognize each and every person’s political beliefs and deeply respect their inalienable right to share them. Since Cobbles is dedicated to your local experience, any politically based content should be restricted to announcements, events, and topics surrounding meaningful, helpful and neighborly discussions that impact your community. We will rely on members of the community both to keep any and all discussions civil and constructive as well as report those who are overposting, campaigning or using the platform to push personal views on controversial, non-local issues. That stated, we reserve the absolute same right to remove any and all content on such topics.
Follow the law: No threatening, fraudulent or illegal content will be tolerated.
Our community is not the place for sexually explicit content or content intended for sexual gratification. If it isn’t something suitable to be done or shown in public view, don’t post it.
The Cobbles strictly prohibits any content that contains, promotes, or encourages sexual assault, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, or sexual violence.
DO NOT post any such content.
DO NOT post, share, or send explicit content, sexual content, or nudity.
DO NOT post content related to prostitution, solicitation, or any other types of sex trade.
Be Respectful: No Harassment and Bullying
Cobbles is about building up communities and neighborhoods. Members should always consider the audience and context of any content before posting. We have a zero-tolerance policy surrounding any content containing public shaming, discrimination, insults, bullying, hate speech, violence, or belittling others in any way.
No Threats, Violence and Harm. It's never OK.
We do NOT allow any threats to harm a person, group or people. We do NOT allow content that depicts any type of gratuitous violence.
No Commercial Ads. No Spam and Impersonation
This is a community ONLY story reel. Unless you are an approved local merchant, we do NOT allow the posting of Adspam or other deceptive practices are never allowed under any circumstances. Your account will be disabled immediately if you violate this guideline.
If you violate these Community Guidelines, we may remove the offending content, terminate your account, and/or notify law enforcement. If your account is terminated for violating our Terms of Service or these Guidelines, you may be permanently removed from the Cobbles platform. Please take these Guidelines seriously and honor them in the spirit in which they are intended. We’ll do our best to enforce them consistently and fairly, and ultimately we’ll try to do what we think best reflects the community values in each situation.