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Saturday May 8, 2021
Humidity 65%Wind 2 mph
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Mark Jette
@Mark Jette 385d ago

4-18-2020 Let it Snow Let it Snow


Mark Jette
@Mark Jette 385d ago

Yes John. Reminds me of once back in the 70’s when as kids my sister was crying because on 4/20 ,her birthday it snowed nearly a foot.! So my Parents built a snow castle for her. Poor kid a skunk decided to join her and she jumped up collapsing the castle w her and the Skunk. Lol 😱🦨⛄️

Mark Jette
@Mark Jette 385d ago

We can in limited amounts as long as we wear a mask and stay 10 feet away from others. I try to get out for twenty mins ea day. Only once my mask blew off my face in the wind storm. Lol

@Mark 385d ago

Be great if it meant something and people could be out enjoying it

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Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all the Moms, even this sweet Mama bird that keeps a very close watch of her babies to be 🥰
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