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Wednesday January 20, 2021
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@Mark 286d ago


@Mark 286d ago

You can click on library to the right of the record button to upload mark

Peter D
@Peter D 286d ago

I haven’t updated but I can’t hear the Audio

Mark Jette
@Mark Jette 286d ago

Im making dinner and have to eat soon. I will log back in before starting to place my overseas trades around 10:30

Mark Jette
@Mark Jette 286d ago

I no longer am able to upload either as guest or all the +Sign only opens to live shoot or microphone.

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Feeling kind of sad today. Today would have been my mother-in-law's birthday. Happy Birthday Marion, we still miss you greatly. @Linda Buoncuore  mom and that’s Robby her grandson who is now 26
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Fenway Park will be the second mass vaccination site in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, joining Gillette Stadium.

The ballpark will open on February 1 to start administering up to 500 vaccines per day to eligible Phase One priority group residents.
A sad announcement today 😢