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Saturday December 5th, 2020
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@Jillian 203d ago

@Jillian 203d ago
Not sure why this thread started here and not on the video of 13+ of my respectful neighbors crammed on a roofdeck drinking last night. But agree this will continue. I’m not sure why they even post statements like this. So many not adhering and zero enforcement of the rules. You don’t even have to break up the parties not following covid guidelines, you could easily clear half the beach enforcing open container laws.
Mark Slater🤯
@Mark Slater🤯 203d ago
This will most def become a Southie problem.
Julie s
@Julie s 203d ago
It is just going to get worse as the weather continues to get warmer..
@Jillian 203d ago
All 13+ live together? Probably as likely as the crowds surrounding their cases of white claw on the beach👍
Christine Marsh
@Christine Marsh 203d ago
Maybe they all live together or are related...

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