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Wednesday November 25th, 2020
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Mark Slater🤯
@Mark Slater🤯 3d ago

Mark Slater🤯
@Mark Slater🤯 2d ago
Cutting turf for the kids backyard 😳 love 2020 me.
Mark Jette
@Mark Jette 2d ago
Sorry bud.
@Dave 3d ago
👍 beats mine
@Cameron 3d ago
Well, at least you can make up a cool story about how you got that scar once it heals. Example: my dad would mow the lawn without a shirt in the summer, so everyone could see his appendectomy scar(back when they sliced you open with a rusty tuna lid & a shot of whiskey for pain management). The neighborhood kids would ask how he got that scar. His response: “I was in a knife fight. You should’ve seen the other guy...” 😆😬🔪🗡
@Jillian 3d ago
Jesus. Glad it didn’t go right through! How the hell did you do that?! #2020 wishing a speedy recovery!
Lauren Brown
@Lauren Brown 3d ago
😳 that hand needs to go on a hiatus starting now 💉
@Bobbythebus 3d ago
Ouch. Any ten-dint damage?
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