We believe that re-imagining neighborhoods will boost the way people connect.

We believe in people, and we believe in community.

It hasn’t always been easy for people to come together to support, laugh, share, and interact with each other. Not lately, at least. Communities used to rely on each other. But then the status quo shifted away from that valuable interdependence, and the connection we felt to our neighbourhood vanished. Until now.

Every community has it’s own flavor, and it’s strengthened by the people who call it home. Like the family down the street that just moved in. The neighbour next door who you run into at the coffee shop every Tuesday morning. The small restaurant around the corner that makes the best pizza in town. We want to redefine our community experience. Help people go beyond their screens, connect with the people around them, and rediscover what it means to be part of a real neighbourhood again.

Community is worth experiencing in real life. Cobbles helps make that happen.